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What is an American Bully?

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It is common to confuse the American bully with other bully breeds. While many consider it a pitbull, it is a standard breed on its own, yet to enter in mainstream canine registries. Here is everything to know about the American bully and how it is different from a regular American Pitbull terrier dog. 

American Bully History

American bully dogs are a new breed. While most bully breeds have existed for years, the popularity of the American bully breed only rose between the late 80s and late 90s. Yet, the bully dog remained anonymous to kennel registries until the start of the 21st century. 

When no Kennel Club was willing to register the American bully, bully breeders and fans saw it fit to start their club. By 2004, the American Bully Kennel Club was formed to recognize this unique bully breed. Thereafter, the United Kennel Club went on to register this new breed in 2013. They are the only registry accepting standard American bullies to date. 

Is an American Bully a Pitbull dog?

Despite the uncanny semblance, the American bully is not 100% a pit bull. They are descendants of the American pit bull terrier (regular pitbull) but are mixed with a different bully breed to bring out their unique traits. The American bully is not a pitbull, although the term pit bull is often used to describe the dog. 

Fun Fact

The name ‘Pitbull encompasses’ four bully breeds. They are American Pitbull Terrier, Staffordshire Bull Terrier, American Bully, and American Staffordshire Terrier.

Granted, it can be confusing to know which term to use when describing modern bully breeds. Yet, where definitions fall short, physical attributes help us to properly differentiate the bully breeds. 

Currently, the American Bully falls into four main categories;

  • Standard bully 
  • Pocket Bully 
  • Xl bully 
  • Classic bully

Standard bully 

standard american bully

Standard American bullies often pass for regular Pitbulls. The males have a height of 17 to 20 inches from the shoulder. Females are shorter with a height of 16 to 19 inches from the shoulder. Standard American bullies can weigh between 40 lb and 100 lb. A healthy litter consists of four to 8 puppies. 

The Gotti pitbull is a good example of the standard American Bully. This bloodline is famous for producing American Pitbull terrier dogs with great muscle mass and strength. Gotti bully dogs are short in height but heavy in weight.  

Pocket Bully

pocket american bully

The name pocket gives a hint that this is a pint-sized American bully. Although they are shorter than the standard bully, they pack a lot of muscle and have a confident gait. A pocket bully grows no more than 17 inches for males and 16 inches for females. The standard weight for the pocket bully is 30 to 60 pounds. 

In the pitbull breeder circles, the pocket bully sometimes goes by the name micro American bully, mini bully, or micro-mini bully. These are just variant names of the main ABKC recognized term, pocket bully. 


XL Bully 

xl american bully

XL American bully is a term used to define American Pitbull Terrier Dogs that are bigger in height and mass than the standard bully. The American bully XL breed has a square head that is bigger and wider around the jaws. The shoulders are broader and have well-defined muscles. 

XL American bully dogs grow to a height of 23 inches for males and 22 inches for females. Bodyweight starts from 80 pounds to a whopping 150 pounds. Although there are XXL American bully dogs out there that are bigger and way heavier, the ABKC recognizes the XL bully as the benchmark of larger standards bullies. 

Classic Bully 

american bully classic

The classic bully is about the same height as a standard American bully. However, the classic bully has a slender profile with less muscle mass and visible rib lines. Their heads are large but their bodies narrower and not as proportionate as that of a standard bully. 

Are American bullies good house dogs?

From the pocket bully to the XL bully, one thing you will notice is their sweet and mild nature. It is important to note that American bullies are not at all aggressive. They do descend from the American Pitbull terrier dog known for itshistory of aggression, but pitbull breeders have been careful to weed out these bad traits from the bully dog through the years. 

American bully dogs are loyal, goofy, and can make sharp guard dogs. They are sociable and are friendly to anyone- which sometimes is detrimental to their guard dog duties. American bullies are not aggressive but very protective especially of children. They can take on any task and can adapt to any environment. 

Show an American bully love and they will be your closest companion for life!

How much does American bully cost?

American bully puppies for sale don’t come cheap. These are bully breeds specifically bred for their muscle mass and desirable temperaments. How much you pay for an XL bully dogs or pocket bully dogs will depend on;

  • Location 
  • Breeder reputation 
  • Bully bloodline

Distance does affect the price of a bully puppy for sale. It is affordable shipping within a state than shipping overseas. Fortunately, most professional breeders with years of experience have found ways to mitigate shipping costs. One way to do that is by shipping pit bull semen samples to professional vets in your location. Your local vet can help in the artificial insemination process to ensure you have your litter of pitbull puppies. 

Reputable breeders are widely known among the Bully community and everyone desires to have a puppy for them. Usually, such breeders are raising bully bloodlines known for unique traits that are not found in other bully breeds. A pitbull breeder that gives excellent service will receive multiple referrals and a higher price tag. 

As mentioned, some Bully bloodlines have more market value than other bloodlines. The Gotti pitbull, Razor Edge, and the new White Rhino bloodline are some of them. Such bloodlines produce pitbull puppies for sale that are pricier to given the litter’s inherited bloodline. 

How to find American bully puppies for sale

There are plenty of pitbull breeders out there with promising litters of bully puppies. However, you have to do your due diligence before engaging any breeder. Getting scammed is easy if you do not know what to look for as a potential bully dog owner. Luckily, we put this section together to help you out. 

Determine the dog you want

Choose if you want a pocket bully, a standard bully, an XL American bully, or a classic bully. Having a specific bully breed in mind helps narrow down your search. Use long and specific keywords like ‘American bully puppies for sale’ to get you a list of reputable breeders. A keyword like “American bully puppies for sale near me” will get you bully breeders in your area

Do some housekeeping

Why do you want a bully breed? Can you handle the nutritional and exercise needs of a standard bully or XL bully? Is your home conducive enough for a dog? Are you going to raise the dogs and kids in the same house? 

Most bully breeds require an active lifestyle and large spaces to thrive in. For instance, an XL bully dog would do great in a country home with large acres of land to play in. A pocket bully may be fine for an apartment setting but make sure you have a nearby park where the pooch can always go to blow off some steam.

Also, ensure you are picking a dog with the traits you want. Do you want a showbiz dog or just a house pet? These questions will help you when finding a reputable pitbull breeder. 

Meet the bully breeder

When you identify potential bully breeders, it is advisable to meet them at their location. However, if you are shopping American bully puppies online, then check the online credentials of the breeder before engaging them. 

In a nutshell, see if the bully breeder;

  • Have all their dogs registered with either ABKC and UKC registries
  • Is knowledgeable with American bullies, especially the specific bloodline they are breeding
  • Can tell you about the puppies’ parents and lineage. It is the best way to know the temperament of the puppies and if the puppies will grow with any health issues
  • Interviews you before selling a puppy. A good breeder will want to know that their prized bully puppies are in good hands and are going to a loving home.
  • Specifically breeds American bullies. Some breeders breed both American bullies and a second breed, which is usually a close cousin to the American Pitbull Terrier dog.
  • Deals with a small size of dogs at a time. It proves that the breeder has time to bond and give each dog attention.

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