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Why a Tri Color Pitbull is a Rare Bully Breed

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The term ‘tri color pitbull’ refers to pitbull dogs with three shades of color on their coat. Most bully breeds have two shades of color which mean the tri color bully is quite a rare find. And as you would guess, the cost too will be different from normal pitbull dogs. 

Why are tri color pitbull dogs so rare? It boils down to the genetic makeup inherited in the resulting bully puppies. Also, it is important to note that that tri color pit has evoked mixed reactions among the pitbull breeding community. 

Misconception about a tri color pitbull

Some pitbull breeders shy away from producing tri color pitbull puppies for sale. The notion is that tri color bully puppies are mixed breeds sired by An American Staffordshire dog with a different breed like a Rottweiler or Doberman. Another variant would be an American pit bull terrier dog with a varying molosser breed like, again, a Rottweiler or a Bull Mastiff. 

Despite this misconception, the tri color bully dog is no mutt. They are merely products of a gene mutation occurring in the gene responsible for producing the various colors and patterns found on bully puppies, the Agouti gene. 

Tri-color bully mutation

The Agouti gene is responsible for solid colors and their variations in all bully breeds.  Depending on the gene locus exhibited by the main American pit bull terrier sire, the resulting pitbull puppies will have the following coat variants;

  • A gene that produces a solid color like black or white. This gene also produces blue, black, and chocolate colors in pitbull dogs. 
  • Ay gene that produces a yellowish tinge. It is the gene pair responsible for a red tri-color or a Buckskin bully color. 
  • At gene produces a solid tan point color in Xl Pitbulls. 

If pitbull breeders were to consider producing tri color pitbull dogs, they are likely to use the above gene pairs to produce tri color pit puppies of choice. But it is not always a guarantee. 

Most bully breeders have sires and dams with a solid or two-colored coat. Resulting bully puppies usually have the same options for coat color. Once in a while, one or two puppies in the litter may produce the desired tri color coat. 

Safe to say that a tri color bully puppy is a sheer stroke of luck!

Types of tri color Pitbulls

When identifying tri color pits, the base coat color determines the main name. For instance, a pitbull puppy born with black as a dominant color and two other shades takes the name black tri-color. With that said, here are the popular tri color pit colors sold by pitbull breeders.

All Tri color Pitbulls have white fur on their coat, often around the chest.

-Fun Fact-

Lilac tri color pitbull 

Lilac tri color pitbull puppies are beautiful to behold. They have a signature lilac coat with traces of tan and white around the neck. You also notice a bit of tan fur around the ears, snout, paws, and hind limbs. 

Black tri bully dog

As mentioned before, a black tri color pit puppy has a dominant black coat with tan and white accents around the neck and legs. There are strips of white on the snout and spots of white on the paws. The legs have a rich tan color. Tri pitbulls are often mistaken for a rottweiler pitbull mix or a Doberman pitbull mix dog.

Merle tri bully dog 

Merle pit bulls have a unique coat compared to all other tri-colored Pitbulls. Their Merle pattern usually features blue merle as the base with accents of fawn or white. The colors spread on the dog’s coat in a freckled pattern. 

Merle tri pitbull puppies are rare and would cost a whopping $15000 if bred by a renowned pitbull breeder. One thing you should note is that some Merle pit bulls are a product of poor breeding habits. In a poorly-bred Merle pitbull litter, some puppies will have defects like loss of sight or hearing. 

If you wish to buy Merle tri color pitbull puppies for sale, ensure you are buying from a reputable bully breeder. 

Liver tri pitbull dog 

In liver tri-color bully dogs, the liver color is a dilution of the black melanin pigment. It results in a dark brown or chestnut hue, which pitbull breeders call Liver. A trip-color liver coat is complemented by tan patches on the face and an accenting white around the chest. 

Blue tri pitbull 

Tri color blue pitbull puppies are a common find. They have a balanced blend of blue, white, and tan on their coat. The entire body is covered in blue fur with tan and white patches around the paws and various sections of the upper body.  

Purple tri bully dog

A pitbull purple coat results from a genetic dilution of the melanin gene as well. The result is a purplish coat that can easily pass for lilac- takes a trained eye to notice the difference. With a purple coat as the base, you will notice tan accents on the legs and white hues on the snout and neck. 

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