How To Potty Train Your Puppy!

Puppy Love…
Once the puppy love wears off, potty training becomes more of a Necessity vs a want.  The problem is everyone expects the puppy to understand English and to know that you don’t want them to go potty on your carpet or on the bed.  Fact is, the puppy knows just as much English as you know dog.  So lets get back on course; how do you potty train your puppy?  It starts with communication.

Communicating with your Puppy…

Puppies listen to the sound of your voice.  When talking to your puppy keep it consistent.  If you are happy with what they have done, talk excited like you would talk to a young child that has done something good (the more excited the better the understanding).  If you are upset with your puppy, don’t praise them; speak firm.  Consistency Consistency Consistency, this is how your puppy learns English.  Also this is the first step to Potty Training.

Staying On A Schedule…

As weird as it may sound, feeding your puppy late at night will cause them to potty in their crate or bed or wherever they sleep.  Im being sarcastic, fyi.  But seriously, much like a young child, puppies have a hard time controlling their bladder.   So you want to make sure that you give yourself plenty of lead time between feeding and bed time to allow them to go outside and empty everything out.

So How Do You Potty Train Your Puppy?

First Thing:  The most effective way to potty train your puppy is with crate training.  The crate becomes a rest area for your puppy, and they do not like to potty where they sleep.  Limit the amount of space you give your puppy inside their crate.

*Note More Space mean more accidents.

Second Thing:  When crate training, you have to ensure you take your puppy out regularly and consistently.

Here is a good example of how i train my puppy.

If i have to go to work at 7am.

  • I would wake up at 530am, walk downstairs, open my puppies crate and take my puppy outside to use the bathroom.
  • AFTER watching him use the potty, I would feed him or her and let them walk around inside a bit.
  • I watch them closely as i get ready for work.
  • Prior to leaving i would take my puppy outside again. *Make sure they use the potty after eating (Find their favorite spot)
  • Then i put them back in their crate. (This is crate training)

When i come home for lunch.

  • First thing i would do is take my puppy outside.  *Make sure you praise them every time they use the potty outside.
  • I only give a little water during lunch time; i always make sure to take them outside after drinking water.
  • Again return puppy to his or her crate prior to leaving.

*If an accident happens, i speak stern and immediately take them to their regular potty spot outside.

Dinner Time

  • First thing i do when i get home is take my puppy outside. (Are you seeing the consistency?)
  • If i know i want to be in bed by 10pm, then i feed my puppy around 6pm.
  • By 6:15pm i take my puppy outside again; he stays outside until he uses the potty.  *This is a great time to play or go for a walk.
  • Prior to bed i take my puppy outside One Last Time.
  • Then WHAT? You guessed it.  I put them in their crate until morning.

*Important do not give them any more water or food after the last bathroom break. That includes treats.

Be sure to allow your puppy to spend time walking around his or her home, so he knows this is the big crate not the potty area.  They may have accidents when you begin to potty train, but that doesn’t mean its not working. It means they are learning. Potty training takes time.

*Note i know i shouldn’t have to say it, but make sure you provide your puppy with a grassy area to use the potty.

Puppies can begin potty training as early as 6 weeks old, although it is preferred that you start training between 10-14 weeks of age. The older the puppy is, the easier it is for the puppy to understand you as they are more mentally developed.  Also the older the puppy is, the better they are at holding their bladder.  I hope you understand that get what you put into it.  If you truly want to potty train your puppy, you will have to put a little work into it.


This is a just an example, this is not the END ALL BE ALL… We never said its the only way to potty train your puppy.  This is just how we do it, and we like to help others so please take this for what it is; An Educational Blog…


You can always call me… I love to help and although my life is extremely busy, nothing makes me happier then helping a fellow dog lover over come issues like these.  If you have any more questions on how to potty train your puppy, don’t hesitates to call or contact me via email.
Written By: Edward Perez

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