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Six Amazing Reasons Why Gotti Pitbull Is A Famous Bloodline

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Gotti pitbull dogs are rare to spot, but when you see them, no doubt they will leave a lasting impression on you. Although they descend from American pitbull terrier dogs, they are unique from all other pit bull breeds. Here is everything you need to know about the Gotti pitbull bloodline.

Gotti is a prized bloodline

Indeed the Gotti pitbull bloodline is one of the most prized bully bloodlines on earth. The entire bloodline descends from their famous ancestor, Juan Gotty, who was purchased for $1300 in the late 90s. The name Gotty later changed to Gotti, perhaps a catchier name among pitbull breeders.

Gotti Pitbulls became so famous that the bloodline spread to other parts of the world. Today the Pitbull Gotti bloodline is present in the United States, Canada, Philippines, China, and Japan. This bloodline is so well known among bully breeders that they would pay an arm and a leg just to have a Gotti in their pitbull kennels.

Also, compared to other pitbull breeds out there, the Gotti bloodline is 100% pure and we will tell you why.

They are purebred

From the start, Richard Barajas, founder of the Gotti bloodline, chose to maintain the purebred standards of the breed. The first litter of Gotti puppies sired by Juan Gotti was totally purebred and highly prized.

After that, Juan Gotti pitbull went on to sire over 900 purebred puppies that sold top price. Some believe that over 1300 puppies descended from Juan Gotti alone. Whether that is true or not, one thing is certain; we do know a couple of famous bully breeds that owe their existence to the Gottiline. Among them are;

  • Felony
  • New Troijan’s Dillenger
  • Do Good Big Boy
  • Colden’s Blue Rhino

They are distinctively muscular

All bully breeds have a muscular body. Yet, the Gotti bloodline stands out as the beefiest of them all. Gotti Pitbulls are known for their broad brick-shaped head with wider cheeks. The cheeks are wide to house the big powerful jaws of the Gottiline pittie.

The large head sits on a thick, muscular, and well-defined neck. From the neck, you can trace an equally muscular, thick, rounded, and pronounced chest. Also, the limbs are built and well-toned, while the rest of the body is equally toned and girthy.

Besides muscle, Gotti pitbull dogs are shorter than the average American Pitbull Terrier dog. Despite being short, Gottiline Pitbulls are very heavy and can weigh as much as 100 pounds. They may dwarf Pitbulls, but it takes a lot of strength to pick them up.

Gotti is the foundation of the bully bloodline.

Yes, Gotti Pitbulls are the foundation of all XL and XXL bully bloodlines. Juan Gotti pitbull alone sired over 900 UKC registered American Pitbull terrier dogs. Also, pocket XL bullies directly descend from the Gottline. An average pocket bully weighs at most 70 pounds, but you can tell their Gotti heritage from how stocky and built they are.

The principles used in breeding the Gottiline are used by modern bully breeders. Bully breeders aim to create bully breeds with big heads, big bodies, and muscle mass.

All Gotti American bully dogs are UKC registered.

Yes, the United Kennel Club or UKC recognized all of the early Gottiline Pitbulls directly sired by Juan Gotti. Modern Gotti Pitbulls also receive UKC recognition as long as their pedigree proves that they are purebred.  And there has been a lot of controversy surrounding this.

Some pitbull breeders claim to have a pure Gottline in their kennels. However, to avoid being duped, you must insist on the dog’s pedigree. Concerns have risen that most Gotti pitbull dogs of today are a mixed breed of the Gotti and American Bulldog. While the resulting litter may have the original Gottline features, they do not pass as purebred Gottis and, therefore, may not be AKC recognized.

If you must adopt a Gotti pitbull for sale, ensure that the pedigree papers have the UKC stamp of approval. Otherwise, you may end up buying a mutt.

They are fast!

Do not let the brawny bodies fool you, Gotti Pitbulls are quick on their feet. Gottiline pitbull dogs are high-energy and love thrilling adventures. If you have no experience raising bully breeds, then a Gotti pitbull may not be for you.

These dogs thrive on high-energy workouts to maintain their muscular and toned bodies. Also, you will need to feed a Gotti pitbull puppy a high-quality diet rich in healthy proteins that help the dog maintain its girth. When it comes to XL or XXL pitbull dogs like the Gotti, a raw nutritious homemade diet is the best option over commercial kibble.

You may also want to throw in some healthy pet supplements with enough pet vitamins for an active lifestyle. The pet supplements for homemade food you choose should have all the necessary vitamins and minerals required by pitbull dogs.

Should you get a Juan Gotti bully?

If you are ready to handle the high-energy needs of the Gotti pitbull dog, then get one. Also, ensure you can provide the dog with a quality diet rich in vital vitamins and minerals nutrients for bully breeds.

Be wary of online scammers posing as professional bully breeders. The truth of the matter is purebred Gottiline Pitbulls are hard to come by. The only possible way to find a Gotti pitbull puppy is by visiting pitbull kennels that only specialize in the Gottiline, and those are very few.

Insist on the puppy’s pedigree papers to confirm they have a purebred bloodline and are UKC approved.

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