Flea and Tick Prevention

Im sharing this information because during the spring and summer months my phone rings non stop (which i enjoy), but most of the phone calls i receive are awesome families asking me whats a good flea and tick prevention. So with that being said, I figured id pass on some awesome tips and tricks I’ve learned from others along the way and make it easy for someone to go back and review the steps just in case they forget what i said. So here it is, ManMade Kennels Secret to Flea and Tick Prevention ; )

Bandana Collar for Dogs

  • A Bandana Collar is easy and fun. Not only is it used to keep your puppy cool, (by applying cool water to it will out on a stroll in the summer heat) but it also can be a very effect flea and tick collar.
    Heres what you need:
  • Lavender Oil or Cedar Oil
  • Water
  • Full or Half Bandana
  • Eye dropper

Mix 2-3 drops of Oil (Cedar or Lavender) with 2-3 tablespoons of water.  Although you could use the oil directly, diluting the oil is just as effective and is our preferred method. Then get a hold of your favorite Bandana (your flea and tick collar), and apply 5 or 6 droplets of the mixture.
Important: To ensure effectiveness, spread droplets evenly and rub fabric together before putting the bandana on your puppy.
Once you have applied the oil mixture, tie the bandana around your puppies neck and off you go.

Ohhh one more thing. 
Reapply weekly because it will loose its effectiveness; Also if you decided to use the bandana to cool your puppy, make sure you reapply a few drops
(oil mixture) to keep keeping the fleas and ticks away.

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