Our Females are in the world...

Pitbull Puppy Mothers

  • ManMade’s Zombie is a direct King Leonidus daughter. She walks around at 105lbs and is one of (if not) the Largest Female Champagne Bully on earth. All of our dogs are made for families. We don’t just sell dogs, we produced dogs for a purpose. All of our females are carriers specific genetic traits that we use in our breeding program to produce the BEST DOGS ON EARTH.
  • Looking for an Athletic Dog / Healthy Dog / Loving Dog / Family Dog / Smart Dog / Beautiful Dog / Big Dog / One Of A Kind Dog ?

    We got you covered!!!

    Every Puppy that ManMade Kennels Produces is designed to meet all of the above.  Please also see our pitbull puppies for sale.  

FEMALE DOGS:  A few things you need to know about female dogs. I’m sure we all know that females unlike males have mood swings (sarcastic). The same is true about Female dogs, as they are more prone to mood swings then males. They can be super nice one week  and totally want to be left alone the next. They are extremely loyal to their family but remember they are also very very smart. You may think you hide the snacks very well, but they seem to be the ones to figure out a way around obstacles. In the case you didn’t know, female dogs do ovulate (go into heat) every 6 months. During this time, you will notice they are extremely affectionate and always want to go outside (NOT A good idea) keep a good eye-out for stray dogs as the scent the female puts off during her heat cycle will attract other dogs from up to 3 miles away.

OVER ALL: Females are my favorite, Males are cool but females IMO are way easier to handle for first time puppy owners.