bully breeders

Ever wondered who are the best bully breeders globally? It’s a tough one because there is so much that goes into determining the best bully breeder out here. Fortunately, we came up with a list of identifying the best bully breeders in the game and the type of bully bloodlines to expect from them. 

Before that, a little history of the bully breed.

Origin of the bully

It is important to note that the name ‘bully’ describes several dog breeds that descend from the ancient molosser dogs. The molosser dogs were native to Greece and identified by their characteristic short muzzle and pendant eats. 

Early breeders mixed the molosser dogs with other canine breeds to produce a litter with desired traits. The resulting bully dogs had an instinct for protecting property or livestock. It was not long before the early bully dogs found a new occupation; one so gruesome, to say the least. 

Given their large bodies and extreme muscle, some bully breeders started selling the dogs off for bull-baiting or bear-baiting, a blood sport that often left the dog dead or irreparable injuries. Luckily, governments caught up with this cruel sport and outlawed it to save the plight of the bully dogs. 

In a non-aggressive environment, bully dogs are known for their sweet and warm temperament. They make the best family companions and love to play and protect children. A bully breed dog will only become aggressive when raised by an inexperienced bully breeder or owner in a non-nurturing environment. 

Early dogs that rode on the ‘bully’ name were the Bullmastiffs, English bulldogs, bull terriers, and American pit bull terriers. In this blog, we touch more on the American pit bull terrier dog and how genetics and bully breeder experience have produced the finest variants of this breed. 

Razor edge bully breeders

They are the pioneers of the American bully breed. Extensive breeding and genetic knowledge were paramount to producing bully puppies with large heads, large bones, broad muzzles, wide chests, and a compact body.

Razor bully puppies are usually shorter and stocky versions of the classic pitbull. 

Gotti pitbull breeders

The first litter of Gotti bully puppies appeared in the late 19th century.  Gotti bully breeders favored the broad and brawny appearance as well. The Gotti physique features a big and wide head, extreme muscle mass, and powerful jaws. 

You can almost be certain that Gotti Pitbulls are built for weight pulling. Yet, Gotti bully puppies are the most gentle of Pitbulls. Besides a big body, Gotti bully breeders also focus on producing pitbull puppies with a calm and gentle disposition.

Fun Fact: Most bully breeds of today are direct descendants of the Gotti bully line. 

Grey Line Bully Kennels 

Interestingly, the Grey bully line does not produce pitbull puppies for sale. Greyline bully breeders only produce pitbull puppies in the spirit of preserving the American bully breed. Their bully dogs are rare to come by, which makes them highly sought after.

Greyline bully puppies have a huge square head with a compact muzzle. They have wide shoulders and broad chests which gives them a powerful and fierce demeanor. One thing that makes the Greyline bully breeders special is that they constantly refine the genetics of their next litter. 

Remy line bully breeders

Remy pitbull breeders nearly nailed the Razor Edge look. Their bully puppies have a thick frame with dense heavy bones. Also, Remy bully puppies have a distinctive blue fawn coat and can easily pass as red nose pitbull puppies. 

Kurupt pitbull breeders

These bully breeders are a new entry into the American bully community. Puppies from the Kurupt line are most of the XL and XXL kind. The Kurupt bloodline is still learning the ropes and will hopefully carve a niche for themselves soon. 

Manmade Kennels XL Pitbull Dogs 

At Manmade Kennels, we professionally breed and train the finest XL Pitbulls on earth. Our dogs have a defined body structure, big-sized heads, and pack loads of muscles. They are beautiful to look at, and most importantly, they make great family dogs. 

We have ten years of experience developing our Manmade Kennels bloodline, and today we can say we have something to show for it!

Our main studs are Shadow and Leonidus. Our female is Beyonce, and she produces some of the finest and stockiest pitbull puppies for sale. 

We love to pamper our dogs and you can see from the video below of Shadow, Leonidus, and Beyonce’s Spa Day!