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Red Nose Pitbull Dog: History, Appearance, Pricing

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The Red nose pitbull dog ranks as one of the best dogs for families. They are big, strong, gentle, and very loving, especially to children. We will explore the history of the red nose pitbull, its characteristics, and how much red nose pitbull puppies for sale cost. 


The red nose pitbull dog descends from the Pitbull terrier, a muscular bully breed hailing from England in the 19th century. Originally, pitbull terriers, also called molosser dogs, were bred for livestock rearing. Their powerful bodies and sharp minds gave them the ability to herd cattle across acres of farmland.

Yet, history predates the actual red nose pitbull dog to the 18th century in Ireland. In the mid-18th century, a unique breed of Pitbulls with a particular red coat and nose were inbred and adopted the name Old Family dogs. This name later changed to Irish Old Family Reds, which birthed the term ‘Old Family Red Nose Strain.’ 

The red pitbull dogs were revered for their muscular bodies, intelligence, ferocity, and hunting instincts. So much that early pitbull breeders in Ireland chose to inbreed this particular dog to maintain its pure stain. Soon the red nose pittie made its way to America through Irish immigrants searching for the ‘American Dream.’

Also, this Old Family Rednose Strain found its way to Europe. With time, underground gambling rings got wind of the red nos pitbull’s ferocious nature, leading to the breed’s participation in blood sporting events like bull baiting. The red pitbull dogs were an additional variant of the pit bull terriers used to fight bulls and sometimes bears, to the death. The fights often ended up with the dog severely injured or killed. 

Fortunately, this gory sport was banned in the mid-19th century, although it continued in other regions. Afterward, early pitbull breeders had the task of pruning out the aggressive trait of the pit bull terrier dogs developed from years of fighting in underground rings. 

Today, the pit bull terrier dog can boast of having the best traits you would want in a family dog. It has a sharp mind and gentle demeanor like a Labrador Retriever. It also has alert guard dog instincts like a GSD dog or the Malinois. 

Red nose pits bloodline

The red nose pitbull bloodline originates from Ireland from a strain called the Old Family Red Strain. This was a strain of dogs with a characteristic red coat and a coppery red nose.  

Identifying a red nose pitbull 

It is not hard to sport a red nose pittie because its body color varies from other pitbull variants, like the blue nose pitbull. Red Pitbulls are unique because their coat color stems from both parent dogs having a recessive gene for red color. 

The signature look of the red nose pitbull is a red coat and matching coppery red snout. Furthermore, the red, brown, or copper hue extends to the lips and nails. You can expect some white accents on the brown coat, but it is not always a requirement. A red nose pitbull puppy has these unique traits at birth, which develop more as the dog ages. 


Every dog has a unique personality despite its breed. Also, as most pitbull breeders would tell you, any dog is as good as its owner. It is especially true for bully breeds like the red or blue nose pitbull dog. 

“There is no such thing as a bad dog, just a bad owner” 

John Grogan

There is no reason to be afraid of the red-nose pit bull dog. Despite the misconception of how dangerous they are, red pitties are gentle and obedient dogs. Early socialization and training is the only way to get the best traits out of any pit bulldog. 

Although all dogs have unique personalities, there are general behavioral traits to be expected given a dog’s particular breed. For the blue nose and red pitbull dogs, their behavioral traits are directly affected by their American Pitbull terrier (APBT) lineage. 

If a red nose pittie lives true to its APBT ancestry, you can expect the fellow to be loving and outgoing. A red pittie is very affectionate and loves the attention you give him. Also, red Pitbulls, like all other pitbull breeds, are naturally inquisitive, which makes them very adaptable. 

When you adopt a red pitbull dog, expect plenty of goofy antics and a strong desire for adventure. When you move to a large acre of land with an indoor lake in it, you are likely to find your pittie diving deep into waters digging for fish. 

Beware of the red nose pitbull’s strong prey drive. They are so given their breeding history as herding dogs and bull-baiting dogs. Also, given their cry for attention, red nose Pitbulls can be very jealous of other dog breeds. If you are planning to raise a pitbull with another dog, say, a rottweiler, chihuahua, GSD dog, or poodle, then get a red nose pitbull puppy. You can easily socialize the puppy to grow and love other animals. 

You will be glad to know that red nose pitties are very alert and courageous. They will defend their family members in case of looming danger. The only downside is their friendly outgoing nature. The red pitbull dog will bark at but seldom attack intruders. Fortunately, with some ample training, they can hone in on their guard dog skills.  


A red nose pitbull dog, like the blue nose pit bull dog, is a high-energy dog. They are suckers for fun and adventure whenever they find it. Also, note that bully breeds of the muscular nature tend to have higher energy needs than other dog breeds. 

It is necessary to keep your red nose pittie busy with high-energy activities. Given their powerful jaws, you can introduce them to fun games like tug of war or fetch. Squeaky toys that can be thrown around, chased, or chewed on, are great pastimes too. Incorporate hard muscle-building workouts to keep your red nose pitbull in shape. 

As long as the red pittie expends all its pent-up energy, you end up with a calm and obedient dog. If not, what you get is a destructive dog that chews on everything, including your prized golf clubs, and you do not want that.

red nose pitbull having fun

Best Red nose pitbull diet

As you might guess, a red nose pittie needs a high-quality diet to maintain its muscular body and active lifestyle. A raw healthy diet is the best because it allows the dog to get more nutrients per serving. We also recommend adding pet supplements for homemade food to make up for any missing vitamins and minerals. 

With a healthy diet and ample exercise, you can expect a red pitbull dog to live a vibrant life with few health issues. 

Red nose pitbull puppy prices

Red pitbulls are rare and will, therefore, attract a very high price. When buying from a reputable red nose pitbull breeder, red nose puppy prices can start from $800 (if you are lucky) all the way to $3000 for a puppy. Certain pitbull bloodlines like Razor, Gotti, or White Rhino can fetch heftier prices.

It is a great idea to meet with a pitbull breeder and discuss payment terms. Some breeders are friendly and will design a flexible payment plan that allows you to walk home with a red nose pitbull puppy without any hidden costs.

You can start with Manmade Kennels as your go-to pitbull breeder for the best priced red nose pitbull puppies .

Is a Red Nose Pitbull a Family dog? 

Yes. With proper socialization and training, red nose pitbull dogs make the best family dogs. They are active and enjoy taking part in both indoor and outdoor activities. Also, red pitbull dogs are very protective and will watch over your kids while you are away. 

However, we cannot recommend a red nose pittie to a beginner dog owner. These dogs are active, strong, and need someone to match their strength and mindset. A red nose pitbull needs to recognize and respect its owner as the ‘Alpha’. Otherwise, the dog will be stubborn to train, especially if you are trying to weed out unwanted behavior. 

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