American bully xl

They may be big, brawny, and fierce looking, but the American bully XL dogs are one of the gentlest dog breeds you will ever meet. However, there is some bad reputation surrounding the XL American bully as being aggressive and dangerous.

While there is evidence of instances when an XL bully dog showed aggression, we as Manmade Kennels believe that a dog is only as good as its owner or breeder.

In this post, we will give you the history of the American bully XL dog, and how it differs from the standard pitbull dog.

1. What is American Bully XL Dog?

The American Bully XL or the Xl American Pit bull terrier is one of the four large bully breeds namely the Standard Bully, Pocket Bully, Classic bully, and the XL American bully. They are descendants of the standard pitbull dog known for its muscular frame, strong jaws, and tight short-haired coat. The XL American bully amplifies all these qualities and shines further in having a gentle calm personality compared to the regular pit bull.

Over the years, several pitbull breeders have come up with their variant of the American bully dog, conveniently named as a pitbull bloodline. Each bloodline is unique from another, representing a set of distinct qualities that give bully dogs in that particular bloodline a competing edge over other bully breeds. One good example is the Gotti bloodline.

 The American bully has grown popular over the years. For this reason, a lot of unregistered pitbull breeders have cropped up everywhere selling unethically bred Xl pitbull puppies to unsuspecting buyers. A poorly bred American bully dog will still have its aggressive predatory side, and it is likely to attack its owner when provoked.

2. XL Bully Pit History

The American bully dog is originally from the United States and was first bred around the late 90s.  Several passionate pitbull breeders came together to produce a hybrid or designer bully breed that had the exemplary outward appearance of the standard pitbull dog but without the aggression and high prey drive of the pitbull.

This new selective breeding program involved two bully breeds, the American Pitbull Terrier and the American Staffordshire terrier dog. The breeders were targeting the positive qualities of the American Staffordshire terrier which is known for its calm and affectionate nature. It is why 50% of an American Bully Xl’s genetic makeup is from the American Staffordshire dog.

The American pitbull terrier dog is also known for its affectionate playful side. This dog is also highly obedient and responds well to training. However, the APBT is known for its strong prey drive and evident aggression, but these two negative traits have been successfully bred out using the good qualities of the American Staffordshire terrier.

When breeders achieved the first perfect American Bully XL puppy, they continued to improve this breed to what it is today. Breeders began fusing other bully breeds into the XL American bully mix to influence its physical features and temperament.

The commonly used bully breeds used to improve the Bully pit dog are the Old English Bulldog, the English Bulldog, and the American Bulldog.

 Despite the premier of this dog breed in the 90s, the American bully XL dog was yet to receive recognition by major registries like the ABKC and the UKC. The registration delay was mainly due to the bully pit dog not being recognized as an actual breed since the breeding was still in its infancy.

Fortunately, American bully Xl breeders improved this dog to what it is today and the bully pit finally got recognized by the United Kennel Club in 2013.

Currently, the XL American bully dog is recognized as a bully breed by 7 different registries. They include;

3. Appearance: What does an American XL Bully Look Like?

The American Bully Xl appearance is built from the American Pit Bull Terrier foundation. So you can expect a dog that has a compact, robust, and solidly built body. Bully pits have more athletic muscular bodies with a proportional body frame. An American bully Breeder needs to get the XL bully muscle groups lest the dog gets disqualified by respective registries.

The head of the American bully pit should be broad and proportionate to the dog’s body. It is well-defined with a fairly steep stop. The muzzle is broad and a bit squared with the flews (muzzle sides) clean and deep. The cheek muscles are pronounced and have no wrinkles.

An American bully XL has a large nose with wide nostrils. The nose color is usually the same as that of the coat color. However, all nose colors are acceptable in a bully pit dog. The teeth are well-spaced and have an even bite.

American bully XL's eyes are medium-sized and oval. They are spaced out and sit below the skull. All pitbull colors are accepted by dog registries except the blue-eyed pitbull. The ears are erect and docked.

A blocky head sits on a muscular neck resting on a slightly arched crest. The neck appears wider at the base and does not have any skin folds.

The body is broad with a deep chest and the rib cage is decently sprung. The chest is wide enough to look defined but does not protrude beyond the shoulders. Like the chest, the American bully XL's back is wide and firm with a level topline. The dog's croup should be fairly sloppy towards the base of the tail.

As a breeding standard, the distance from withers to elbow should be the same as from elbow to feet. For the forequarters, the shoulders should be wide and muscular with the upper arm fairly equal in size to the shoulder blade.

The forelegs are slightly turned at the forearm and have a strong muscular appearance.  The elbows sit close to the body or slightly away. The front legs should never be bowed but should be perpendicular to the ground and set slightly apart.

Like the forelegs, the hindquarters are broad, strong, and muscular. The dog's rump is deep and filled in and the thighs are muscular. The hindquarters pasterns should be straight and perpendicular to each other. Feet should be round and compact, proportionate to the dog's size, and arched. Splayed hind feet are a defect in American bully XL puppies.  

Bully Puppy Coat Colors

  • blue nose American bully XL
  • red nose xl american bully
  • xxl bully
  • merle bully pit

The XL bully coat is beautiful, smooth, and very glossy. The coat hair is short and can be wavy, curly, or sparse and fairly stiff to the touch. A long-haired coat is a breeding defect.

American bully XL puppies have amazing coat colors too. If you have heard of blue nose Pitbulls or red nose Pitbulls, these names indicate the color of the dog's coat. In addition, some bully pit dogs have unique colors and patterns on their coats like merle, chocolate, champagne, and tri-color coats.

4. Size: How big is American Bully XL Dogs?

How big do XL American bully dogs get? One thing to note is that height is the main standard for differentiating the bully pit from the other standard sizes- pocket, standard, classic bullies.

The standard Bully pit sizes are measured from the shoulder/wither;

  • Pocket bully- 14 to 7 inches
  • Standard bully- 17 inches to 20 inches
  • Classic bully- 17 to 20 inches with a lightweight body
  • XL American bully- 20 inches to 23 inches (males) and 19 inches to 22 inches (females)

American bully is a large-sized dog that sits lower than the standard purebred American pitbull terrier dog and can weigh on average between 80 pounds and 150 pounds. The XL bully males tend to be heavier than the XL bully females. 

Also, note that the XL bully dog has an ever bigger version of itself known as the XXL bully. The XXL bully has a giant statue and has a height of at least 23 inches or taller.   The head and body are broader and more muscular compared to the XL American bully.

5. XL Bully Pitbull Intelligence

How intelligent are bully pits? Well, the American bully is, hands down, one of the most intelligent dogs on earth!

Canine intelligence is divided into two groups;

  • General Intelligence
  • Breed Intelligence

General intelligence refers to the dog's ability to learn faster and retain information. while breed intelligence refers to how easily the dog obeys commands. Breed intelligence is ingrained in the dog's genetics, and this is why some dogs make better guard dogs, hunting dogs, or herding dogs than other breeds.

The American Pit bull terrier ranks as one of the 8 top intelligent dog breeds. This dog is known for its leadership skills as it was used as a herding dog back in the day. As the American bully is a descendant of the APBT dog, you can expect it to have the same level of intelligence.  The dog is highly intelligent and thrives on socialization to bring out its smart side. When properly trained, they make great guard dogs too.

6. Temperament: Is an XL American Bully Dangerous?

A common question we see in dog forums is ‘Are American bully XL aggressive dogs?’ or ‘Are American bully XL dogs dangerous?’ In truth, the quality of the dog’s temperament is dependent on the American bully breeders. As we say here at Manmade Kennels, there is no such thing as a bad dog, only a bad owner.

The XL bully temperament mirrors the gentle affectionate nature of the American Staffordshire Terrier. They are calm, very stable, and affectionate dogs. The American bully pit is very friendly to its owner, its owner’s friends, and strangers as well.

If you want the perfect babysitter, get yourself a bully pit. They will play with your kids and watch over them when you are away. American bully XL dogs love to spend most of their time with the people they love which makes them great companion dogs.

Do not fall for the hype that XL American bully dogs are ferocious breeds. When bred and raised right, they are the calmest and friendliest dogs you can ever own.

7. XXL Bully Health Issues

Do American bullies have a lot of health issues?

Although the bully pit breed has notable health issues like any dog breed, we do not expect a healthy and ethically bred American bully XL puppy to have a lot of health problems. Professional bully breeders take the time to perfect the bloodline, weeding out the bad traits and promoting only the good traits of their dogs.

This is why we advise against buying your bully pit puppy from an unregistered bully breeder or puppy mills. Unethically bred dogs are highly vulnerable to genetic defects and some of the common pitbull health issues we are going to mention here.

Common health issues in Pitbulls include;

8. Diet:XL American Bully Diet

Another question we often get is “What should I feed my American bully XL dog?

Our answer: The best diet for an American XL bully is a high-quality diet followed by a quality feeding plan.

At Manmade Kennels, we start our XL bully puppies on a quality raw food diet once they are weaned from their mother's milk. An XL bully puppy diet should be 30% protein and 20% good fats which are fed four times a day to aid in the puppy's growth and development.  Feeding raw dog food is the best because your American bully gets all the necessary nutrients they need and you also get to decide what goes into your dog's dinner plate.

A balanced raw dog food diet contains raw meats, veggies, and fruits. American bully XL dogs thrive on raw meat like turkey, eggs, lamb, organ meat, and salmon. You can also give them fruits and vegetables but make sure it contains no toxic ingredients that will harm the dog.

Dog vitamins and supplements for American bully XL dogs

Dog vitamins and supplements are necessary because they nourish an American bully pit with necessary micronutrients for;

  • Brain development
  • Bone strengthening
  • Cognitive function
  • Maintaining healthy skin and coat
  • Improving eyesight

Only add mineral and vitamin supplements into your dog’s diet to supplement nutrient deficiencies. Also, consult a vet doctor to help you determine what vitamins or minerals are appropriate for your bully puppy’s growth and development.

In a nutshell, dog supplements for a raw diet should have the following nutrients;

  • Vitamins- help boost the immune system, skin and coat health, and cognitive maintenance. Vitamins A, B vitamins, E, C, and D.
  • Minerals- need for puppy development. Include minerals like Sodium, Manganese, Magnesium, Phosphorus, Zinc, and Potassium.
  • Healthy fats- are needed for healthy joints and organs, and improve cognitive function. Include Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids. 

Best Dog Supplement for XL Bully Puppies

9. Exercise: American Bully XL Exercise Needs

American bully XL dogs are very muscular and energetic. Exercising is necessary for them to stimulate their minds, put those blocky muscles to work, and tame aggressive behaviors.

Exercising your bully pit is important for;

  • Provide a constructive energy outlet and controls harmful conduct
  • Helps keep your American Bulldog active and nimble.
  • Reduces constipation and digestive issues.
  • Helps hesitant or mellow dogs become more active.
  • Bullies that engage in a lot of physical activity become exhausted, which promotes sound sleep.
  • It aids in weight management and prevents your bully pit from gaining weight.

The American bully dog is not for everyone. Only adopt this dog if you can keep up with its energy requirements and active lifestyle. At Manmade Kennels, we have our Top 5 Exercises For American Bully XL dogs that keep our canines active, muscular, in top shape, and well-mannered.

10. American bully XL Training

XL American bully dogs are highly intelligent, respond well to training, and have great memory retention. House training should be the first order of business when you bring an American bully puppy at home. House training includes potty training and instilling desirable behavior or habits.

Positive reinforcement is the best method to train an American bully puppy given the dog's gentle nature. Reward-based training helps the dog learn faster because bully pits love to please their owner. Never yell or use degrading words when training a bully pit puppy. Instead, use rewards like healthy dog treats to motivate the dog to keep learning.

11. XL American Bully Grooming

American bully XL dogs have short-haired coat that is low shedding. They are easy to groom and require regular bathing and coat brushing to keep their coats smooth and shiny. Also, grooming prevents the build-up of pet dander, parasites, dirt, and debris on the dog's body. A bully pit that is less groomed will end up leaving hair on clothes, food, furniture, and any surface they are in contact with.

Brush the dog once or twice a week to get rid of loose hairs and prevent matting. As you brush the dog, examine the coat for any rough patches, parasites, or skin conditions that may be causing the dog to itch and scratch. Coat brushing is also a form of massage that will activate the dog’s skin to release protective oils. These oils keep the skin lubricated and prevent itchy skin. 

Bathe your XL American bully dog at least once a month using a pet-approved shampoo. Regular bathing keeps the coat clean by removing dirt, debris, and parasites like fleas and lice.  

We do love to spoil our dogs with a Dog Spa Day every once in a while!

12. Companionship: Is American Bully Xl A Good Family Dog?

An XL American bully makes an amazing companion dog for both individuals and families. XL American bullies are gentle giants, These dogs are kind-hearted, sweet-natured, and make amazing companion dogs.  A lot of dog lovers are adopting the American bully because it is ranked as one of the best therapy dogs.

They are kind to kids and frequently see them as their own. The ideal family dog is a female because they frequently act as the family's "nanny."

These dogs may, however, lose sight of their size in their need for affection. Being large dogs, they have the potential to accidentally harm tiny children and must always be watched.

Given their XXL sizes, American bullies require a lot of room in the house for playing and relaxing. If you have a big yard on your property, this is a play haven for XL bully pits.

These loving dogs get along well not only with kids but also with other dogs. They can coexist peacefully with other pets like cats and rabbits thanks to their modest prey drive.

13. Cost: How much does an XL American Pit Bull Terrier Cost?

If you have made it this far, you are probably wondering how much are American bully XL puppies. Aspiring owners and breeders need to recognize that this breed is not inexpensive. Depending on the genetics and quality, many American Bully XL puppies can cost as little as $2,000 for the Pocket variety and as much as $10,000 for the XL American bullies.

The cost can also differ significantly depending on whether you want to buy one as a pet, breeding stock, or if you want show-quality American bully to engage in competitions. The color and bloodline of the bully pit dog also influence the XL bully price.

One bully dog named White Rhino, who had a pedigree and a track record, even sold for $250,000. (He was given in return for a home.) His stud price right now is about $65,000.

14. XL Bully Pit Lifespan

Bully pit dogs have a life expectancy of 8 to 12 years. They can live for longer with the right diet, exercise routine, and lots of love from their owners.

15. How to Adopt American Bully XL dog

Before adopting an XL American bully pit, find out if this dog is suited for your lifestyle. Also, as you search for American bully adoption near me, make sure you are adopting from a reputable American bully breeder.

There are plenty of professional and reputable pitbull breeders out there. Here is a list of 8 Top American Bully Breeders that have the best pitbull bloodlines on earth.