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American Pit Bull Terrier: Why Are Families Choosing APBT Dogs?

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American pit bull terrier dogs are not as ferocious as many people believe. But as more people are finding out, APBT dogs, or any pitbull breed, are gentle, obedient, and fun-loving if they are well-raised. Also, more people search for American pit puppies online proving that American bully puppies are in high demand. 

Before we get to the why let us first uncover the what. 

What is an American pit bull terrier?

The American pit bull terrier was born as a farm dog. The dog was all-rounded as it was able to farm livestock and still come back home as a family pet. Early bully breed lovers favored the APBT dog for its strong muscular body. This dog was also famous for its brave yet gentle demeanor. 

American Pitbull terrier dogs are registered under the United Kennel Club. The American pit bull terrier and the American Staffordshire Terrier form the foundation of most American bully or XL American bully dogs.

Fun Fact

American pit bull terrier is the same breed as the American Staffordshire terrier. Only that both dogs are bred by different registries, with the Staffordshire terrier following specific breeding guidelines established by the American Kennel Club.  

Things to consider before getting a dog

Owning an American bully is the pride of every pitbull lover. However, this dog may not suit everyone because it demands a specific lifestyle. Generally, before you own any dog, you have to consider the following things;

  • Size 
  • Energy level 
  • Breed
  • Maintenance


Do you want a large or small dog? Small dogs suit smaller spaces. They are compact, as well, which makes them portable, especially for a small breed like a poodle. The only concern about small dog breeds is how susceptible they are to weather changes. Given their small bodies, smaller dogs are vulnerable to injuries because of their delicate bodies. 

Large dog breeds are a lot safer to have around children. As long as you have enough space in your home, they will be glad to explore every inch of the house and still be your best friend. Large dogs are better at withstanding temperatures and have stronger bodies too. 

Energy level

Dog breeds like the APBT dog are built for action. They pack a lot of energy and are suited for families that live an active lifestyle. It is also possible to find large breeds of dogs that are docile like a Golden Retriever or Labrador. 

Smaller dogs have a lot fewer energy requirements than large dogs. But there are small but muscular dogs like the pocket American bully that certainly have more energy needs. Such dogs are active and require plenty of exercises to get by. 

But every dog is different. The only way to know if your dog is bored and wants to do away with pent-up energy is when they start barking incessantly, chewing at everything at home, or develop a nipping behavior. 


Every dog lover wants a purebred puppy in their home. There is some level of prestige that comes with owning purebreds, and also because they are less susceptible to diseases than mixed breeds of dogs. Some dog breeds are famous because of their history of being high performance and will thus be more popular among families. Also, some dogs are bred specifically for families and will, therefore, have a temperament that suits the family setting. 


When you think of maintenance, you are considering exercise, training, and grooming needs. Small dogs require less exercise compared to large breeds. But compared to large dogs, small dogs can be quite stubborn to train because they compensate for their smallness by giving their owners a hard time. Large dogs are more receptive to training if they recognize you as the Alpha.

With grooming, your main concern is how much the dog sheds. Some dogs shed a lot and may require regular grooming to keep their coats clean and neat. The type of hair on the coat also matters. While there are dogs with smooth silky hair that needs less brushing, other dogs have rough coarse hair that needs regular grooming to keep it neat. 

American pit bull terrier dog: A family favorite?

Before you started looking for pitbull puppies for sale near me on craigslist or any other pet-selling platform, you probably searched for many other large dog breeds online. So what makes an APBT dog more popular over a rottweiler, Doberman, or German Shepherd dog?

First off, their size is just perfect. The American pit bull terrier puppies come in all sizes. You can get a pocket bully if you live in a tiny apartment in the city. If you are torn between sizes, then a medium-sized American bully is what you should go for. And if you have been thinking of adopting a big pitbull, then XL or XXL pitbull puppies are the way to go. 

Read more on American pit bull terrier sizes

An American pit bull terrier is the type of dog you get if you live an active lifestyle. They love to play and goof around a lot. If you have a large tract of land where they can run, explore, exercise, or train, then you will be friends for life. It is always advisable to find some form of exercise for an American bully dog. You can see more on that in our Top pitbull workouts blog post. If you are constrained by time, walking your pitbull terrier puppy once or twice a day is adequate for releasing pent-up energy. But never allow your APBT dog to always stay indoors, they can develop destructive behavior.  

Over the years, American pit bull terrier bloodlines have become quite popular among families. Prestigious bloodlines like Gotti, Razor, or White Rhino are fetching premium prices for their XL pitbull puppies. Other popular APBT breeds are red pitbull puppies and blue pitbull puppies. You might also come across pit puppies that have a brindle or Merle coat. Black pitbull puppies are also a hot seller because they resemble the black panther. 

Finally, American Pitbull terrier dogs are, fairly, easy to maintain. They have short hairs on their coats which are easy to brush or maintain. Also, APBT dogs do not shed much which makes them ideal for homes with people that are allergic to pet hairs and dander. A trip to the dog spa once or twice a month is enough to keep the coat of your American pit bull terrier puppy clean and lush. 

In terms of food, APTB puppies need a high-quality diet rich in proteins, vitamins, and minerals. A raw diet is the best because it preserves the nutrients that are often lost when cooking or processing dog food. Read more on the ideal American pitbull terrier diet.

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