Top 5 Dog Exercise tips

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Pitbull Puppies

hoss 500#5. Up/Downs (Mountains/Hill Walking) Uneven terrain works out different muscle groups and is an excellent way to get the full body workout.

Tug Of War Much like the tug of war we play, setting up a wall with a flag on each side and a single rope ran through the middle of the wall, you can literally play tug of war and get those neck and butt muscles exactly where you want them.

Flirt Pole  The flirt pole is one of the oldest dog conditioning toys used today.  Its an awesome easy workout that your pup will love for hours, you can complete a full body workout on your dog in as little as 15 minutes with a flirt pole.  “Horse Whips” serve as awesome flirt poles when used correctly. Click link for instruction on how to build a flirt pole. How To Build A Flirt Pole

Spring Pole (Spring Attached to a Tug or FireHose)  Want to build a swing set for your pup, build a spring pole! They are fairly simple to construct and offer a veriaty of advantages to your pups overall lifestyle.  On top of the amazing workout, the spring pole offers a means to release some of that bottled up energy your pup may have when stuck indoors all day long. Click link below for instructions on how to construct a spring pole.

How To Build A Spring Pole

#1. Weight Pulling (Dog Harness Attached To Sled) Arguably the best workout for dogs, weight pulling will build your dog’s muscle, strengthen their bones and improve your K9’s overall well-being. This Dog Workout requires skill, focus and training, weight pulling is also great for a dog’s mental health. Finally, as with any activity in which you are working with your dog, it will build your bond and strengthen your relationship with your best friend.

Written By:  ManMade Kennels Edward Perez