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Top 8 Best American Bully Breeder Kennels in 2022

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If you are looking for the best American bully breeder, you have come to the right place. Ever since the American bully breeding business started in the mid-90s we have seen a lot of American bully variations come up including the now popular xl and XXL Pitbull bloodlines. But what does it take to find the best American bully puppies for sale in 2022?

Here we will give you tips for finding the best American bully breeder near your area. Also, we have put together a comprehensive list of the top American bully kennels you should know about.

Tips for finding the best American bully breeder

What makes the best American bully breeder? Buying your first Pitbull dog is a huge lifetime investment. For that reason, you want to be sure that your American bully puppy is coming from a breeder who knows what they are doing.

No cap, there are plenty of dubious backyard breeders and puppy mills out there. They will use big words on their ads without a quality product to back their claims. If there is one advice we can give- it that you should take your sweet time when buying your first American bully dog.

Being in the breeding business for a decade, we found these as the go-to tips when looking for the best American bully breeder. 


Any professional pitbull breeder will be ready to show you the pedigree of their bloodline. They should be knowledgeable about the ancestry of their bloodline right to the 4th generation. A breeder that knows this well will be able to tell you about the qualities to expect in their puppies. 

Physical location

The best American bully breeder should have a physical location where they conduct their breeding. It could be their home or a private property converted into a pitbull kennels. Having an actual premise shows that the breeder is serious and they can organize for visits whenever needed. If a breeder is dodgy about their location, they are most likely to be dubious backyard puppy mills. 

Online presence

A good American bully breeder will have an online presence where they actively engage with potential customers. It could be a registered website or existing social media pages (even better if they have both). Make sure the website is legit and is up and running. 

Another way to tell if a breeder is professional and 100% legitimate is by the kind of photos they post. If they have an existing American bully puppy litter, they will be eager to share their puppies to the world. Avoid any breeder that uses stock photos on their website. 

A phone call away

Only buy pitbull puppies for sale from a breeder who has an actual number you can call. The number should be on their website or social media pages. Even a quick Google search should bring their registered phone numbers. If a number is provided but no one ever picks it, move along swiftly. 

Affiliated with American bully groups

Find a pitbull breeders who is associated with some of the top American bully organizations like the ABKC and the UKC. Most of these breeders will have their pitbull puppies’ pedigree registered with these organizations to the benefit of potential buyers. 

They are not in a hurry to sell

You heard that right. No good pitbull breeder will be in a hurry to dispose off a puppy. It takes time, money, and sweat to raise a perfect pitbull puppy made for families. So a professional breeder will interview the potential buyer first before selling. A prior interview gives the assurance that their puppy will be going to a loving home. If no questions are asked, then that’s a red flag. 

They are honest in their pricing

First things first, American bully puppies for sale do not come cheap. Run from any pitbull breeder who is selling their puppies dirt cheap. A healthy American bully puppy would cost anything from $1500 upwards. Puppies from respected bloodlines like Kurupt and Gotty will cost more. 

Manmade Kennels-Best American Bully Breeder

Manmade Kennels is the brain child of the power couple, Eddie and Sarah Perez, who got into the Pitbull breeding business around 16 years ago.

Starting out, the dream was to create an American bully puppy fit for families and without the prey drive common with Pitbull dogs. After successfully sourcing a stud and dam for their breeding program, the Manmade Kennels vision kicked off.

What makes Manmade Kennels one of the best American bully breeder in America is their prowess in producing family-focused Pitbull dogs. Their Pitbull puppies have the sweetest temperaments, are friendly to both kids and adults, and have zero aggression. If you have been looking for an American bully puppy that will grow to be your best friend for ever, look no further than the Manmade Kennels pitbull bloodline.

Manmade Kennels breeds both Red nose Pitbull puppies and blue nose pit puppies. They also have Merle and tri-color bully puppies for sale with big bodies, strong muscles, and the warmest personalities. You can see more of their available Pitbull puppy colors breedings in their American bully breeding page.

Manmade kennels also organize dam and stud service for anyone starting an American bully breeding business. 

Kingpin Line

Kingpin Line Pitbull kennels are the proud owner of the magnificent American bully dog called Marcello. Their go with the mantra The Untouchable Kingpin Line on their socials and started pitbull breeding a little over 7 years ago. 

Kingpin kennels breeds American bully puppies for families. They practically breed anything with the bully name on it; from American Pitbull terrier puppies to french bulldog puppies. Their passion for breeding Pitbulls is fuelled by the urge to correct how the bully breeds are misinterpreted. 

If you are looking for a pitbull puppy bred for hunting, working as a service dog, or just a companion pet, Kingpin Line does it all. This pitbull breeder also offers stud services with their robust stud, Bentley. 

Remyline pitbulls

The remyline Pitbull bloodline goes all the way back to the first Pitbull puppy, named Remy Martin. At the time of his purchase, Remy was nothing but a sickly pup who was sold for no more than $500.

But Remy proved his worth by growing up to be a healthy American bully dog that started the famous reddish blue fawn coat popular with the Remy bloodline. 

Unfortunately, Remy Martin passed on but he leaves behind one of the most coveted bloodline in the American bully community. The Remyline pitbull is the ancestor of many of the popular bloodlines we have today including the Razor Edge line. Note that Remyline bullies are high energy dogs and require lots of training and exercises to keep them in check. 

Razors Edge Bully Kennels

Razor edge bully kennels is one of the oldest pitbull breeders around. Razor edge bullies are nothing short of beauties. They are prized for their impeccable body structure and loveable personalities.

As one of the best American bully breeders, Razor Edge Kennels started in the 80s with the dream to create the perfect Pitbull. Although they initially were going for the American bully look, they managed to produce American bully puppies with very distinct features. And this made their bloodline popular across the United States and all over the world. Razor edge bully puppies are bred to be active dogs with minimal prey drive.

Gottiline pitbulls

There is no mentioning the best American bully breeder bloodlines with mentioning the Gottiline pitbull. Gotty pitbulls are one of the heavily muscled bully dogs around. They grow to be heavy, thick, and short compared to the average American bully dog. Another distinctive feature of the Gotty Pitbull is the wide head that holds very powerful jaws. 

Put side by side, a Gotty Pitbull puppy looks almost like a Razor Edge bully puppy. Only a trained eye would be able to tell the difference up close. Besides having great looks, Gottiline Pitbulls are known for their affectionate temperaments and how amazing they are around kids and grown folks. 

Like Razor Edge bullies, the Gotty bloodline is also a founder of many bloodlines we have today like the Blue Rhino Pitbull and the Kingpin line bully. 

Kurupt bloodline

This is home to the famous XXL American bully dog, Kurupt blood Panic. Panic is what the American Bully world refers to as an exotic bully dog. Exotic bullies are those American bully dogs with oversized features like broader shoulders or stocky necks. 

The Kurupt bloodline in particular is famous for having American bully dogs with extremely large heads. For instance, Panic the Kurupt bloodline bully has a 27-inch sized head! 

Golden line bullies

Golden line bullies are a product of the North West Goldenline pitbull kennels based in Oregon. This family owned business breeds American bully puppies with Gotti, Kingpin Line, and Razors Edge ancestry. 

Golden line kennels are known for producing outstanding pocket bullies. They make the best XL American bully lapdogs with amazing personalities perfect for small homes. 

Nakamoto Bullies

Nakamoto bullies is home for chocolate colored American bully dogs. This pitbull kennels is the brainchild of American bully enthusiast Jack Nakamoto. Nakamoto bullies is also home to the famous bully dog called Foo Dog. If you have always fancied yourself a pocket pitbull puppy, this is one of the American bully kennels to contact. 

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