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Welcome to Manmade Kennels, your premier destination for XL American Bully enthusiasts! Whether you're an experienced breeder or a first-time XL Bully puppy buyer, our family is ready to embrace you. At Manmade Kennels, we're passionate about the XL American Bully breed and committed to fostering a community where knowledge and support thrive. Join our growing network of XL Bully experts and Manmade Kennels fans and enjoy exclusive benefits, including top-tier XL bully breeding advice, health and nutrition tips, and connections with fellow XL American Bully lovers. Discover why Manmade Kennels is the go-to resource for everything XL Bully-related.

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Manmade Family Moments

Manmade Family kids and pitbulls

ManMade's Zombie trying to stay up late with her little sister!

Manmade Family Kids and Pitbulls

ManMade's Oso having fun at a nice Meet and Greet in New Jersey!

Manmade family

ManMade's "MiLady" with her mom and dad

kids and pitbulls

ManMade's Logan with his sister out for a ride

family with pitbull

Adriana Lima and ManMade's Lola getting a work out in at 5th St Gym Miami

red nose pitbull dog

Rose taking her sister for a ride

kids with pitbulls

Baby Emmalisa with ManMade's Optimus Prime.

Manmade Family

ManMade's Shiro with her Big Brother relaxing.

Manmade Family

ManMade Family In Oklahoma

family with pitbull dog

ManMade Family In Florida

kid with pitbull

ManMade's Big Hoss and his BFF

XXL Bullies

ManMade's Sampson with his Big Brother telling Ray, "Why are you so serious" lol. WestCoast Family

XXL Bully pitbull

Our ManMade Family In Germany with his awesome King Leonidus Son!

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At ManMade Kennels we produce the Best XL Pitbull Puppies on Earth. Each and Every Breeding we have is carefully planned out ahead of time, to ensure we are not rushing perfection. We create Pitbulls Made for Families Not For Fighters. Our dogs are temperament bred for families, we DO NOT breed HA (Human Aggressive) dogs AT ALL, No matter how beautiful or correct they may be. We focus on the Health and overall attitude the pups pedigree present. We have a private community called the ManMade Family, that each and every one of our puppy owners are members of. We do screen all potential new members to ensure they meet our standards for ownership. Our Ultimate Goal is to produce Xl Pitbull Terriers that will change their communities perspective of the breed. When you own a ManMade Kennels Puppy you can rest assure all of your community will understand why the saying goes, "Its Not Just How You Raise Them, Its How You Breed Them". This puppies are big, beautiful, and extremely Loyal Puppies. THANK YOU for taking a peak at a few of our ManMade Family pics. If you have any questions give us call at 302-272-3625

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