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What is an All Black American Bully?

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You probably have heard of the black Pitbull and wondered where it is a different pitbull bloodline. Well, the black Pitt bull and the American pitbull terrier are the same dogs. Although there are some differences we are going to look below.

Genetics: What causes the black Pitt bull color?

Did you know that an Austrian Monk known as George Mendel was the father of genetics? He discovered how genes work in affecting the appearance of pea plants, and his discovery is what makes it possible to explain the Pitbull black color today.

Genes determine a pit bull’s coat color. These genes occur in variations known as alleles. Some alleles control the dominant color of the coat while other alleles determine the patterns on the coat. All alleles are contained in a DNA pattern known as a locus.

The gene locus that determines the dominant color of an American pit bull terrier includes;

  • K Locus (Dominant Black)
  • E locus (Red/Yellow)
  • B Locus (Brown color)
  • D Locus (dilute color)
  • N Locus (no dominant color)

On the other hand, the alleles responsible for coat patterns include;

  • A locus (Agouti )
  • M Locus (Merle)
  • H Locus ( Harlequin)
  • S Locus ( Spotting)

From a pit bull to having a solid black coat, the unborn American bully puppy should have the K allele without the N allele in its gene pool. This will result in a black Pitt bull breed.

Black Pitbull puppies can carry the Merle gene (M locus) or any other allele responsible for coat patterns. But these genes are suppressed by the dominant color as long as the black pit does not breed with another dog with the same pattern gene.

What kind of Pitbull is black and white?

Most black Pitbulls feature white markings either on their nose, mouth, chest, or paws. These white markings are due to the presence of the S allele responsible for spotting on the dog’s coat.

A black and white Pitbull and a black Pitbull are all the same dog. One thing to remember is that the coat color never affects the dog’s temperament.


The history of the black Pitbull is pretty much that of the American bully dog. They are said to descend from the Staffordshire terrier and American pit bull terrier dogs.

It is also said that Pit bulls descend from the bullmastiff dog, which is why they end up with strong and stocky bodies. And if you have heard the history of the American bully dog, then you may have an idea why black Pitbulls are not that common.

Pit bulls were once used for bullbaiting, a bloody spot in which the dogs fought against gigantic bulls. The fights were usually to the death and are why pitties are feared for their aggressive nature. The black and white Pitbulls were commonly used in these fights.

Fortunately, bull baiting was abolished years ago and today we have black pitties with amazing temperaments thanks to professional pitbull breeding.

Black Pitt bull Appearance

Since black Pitbulls descend from the American Pitbull terrier, you can expect them to have beefy bodies. Also, note that there are five different breeds of the pit bull and this will affect the size of the black bully dog.

For consistency, we will go with the black American bully XL dog which is the showstopper of the bully breeds.

An adult American bully black dog can grow up to 23 inches tall measured from the shoulder. The dog will have a blocky heavy head supported on a densely muscled frame. 

The muzzle is usually short with wide powerful jaws that have a biting force of 235 psi (pound per square inch). Although the muzzle is short and rounded, black Pitbull puppies are not vulnerable to the same nasal issues faced by brachycephalic breeds like the English bulldog.

Also, XL black bullies have wrinkled faces with medium oval-shaped colors. You are not likely to see a black Pitbull with blue eyes because the dominant K gene affects every area of the dog’s body- with an exception of the black and white pit bull. 

Another common feature in black Pitbulls has docked ears. Ear docking is merely for aesthetic reasons and does not affect the dog’s health. However, this practice is banned in some US states as inhumane. 

The coat color is all black and you sometimes see white markings on the face, chest, and paws. The shoulders are broad and very muscular. The rest of the body is muscular too thanks to their predecessor, the bullmastiff. 


Temperament is the biggest consideration if you are thinking of including black Pitbulls as family members. Contrary to popular belief, black American bully dogs are nowhere near aggressive as most people assume. 

Sure, these dogs descend from their ancestors who fought in bull-baiting rings. So there is a common assumption that all bully breeds, including black Pitbull, are dangerous and aggressive. 

Despite the overpowering demeanor, the black Pitt bull dog is what you would nickname a ‘giant teddy bear’. They are gentle, sweet, and very friendly towards people, especially the family members they know. 

You will also notice their impeccable intelligence. Also, black Pitbulls are very loyal and always want to please their master. Another fun quality of this breed is its clownish nature. 

Obedience is another strong virtue of the black pitt bull. Add their intelligence and you get one of the smartest fast learning breeds on earth. 

Black pitties are not naturally aggressive as most purport. However, they can be very stubborn and strong-willed if you let them. Another excellent quality of black XL bully dogs is their courageous nature. 


All pit bull dogs including black pitty, require a well-balanced diet to prolong their lifespan. What you feed your dog depends on their immediate needs. As a rule of thumb, XL American bully breeds require a diet that is high in protein and healthy fats, especially for black pit bull puppies. 

There is always a debate about whether to feed raw dog food or quality commercial food. Well, every dog is different and your pitty may respond to either option very well. The goal is to ensure that the dog gets all the vitamins and minerals it needs to maintain a strong body and an active lifestyle. 

Raw dog food is excellent if you want your dog to get all the nutrients on its plate. A high-quality kibble is an option too although there is the risk of depleted nutrients due to over-processing. A workaround for that is adding pet supplements to your dog’s meal to ensure they are not missing out on important nutrients. 

Vitamins and mineral supplements are essential for all American bully XL breeds. Dog supplements are necessary for a strong immune system and increased resistance to allergic reactions. In addition, black pitbull supplements are great for weight gain and reducing common disorders.


As we said before, the black pitt bull is a stubborn and strong-willed dog. Dog owners should establish dominance while the dog is still a puppy. It ensures that the puppy grows to respect you as the Alpha, which will ensure successful training. 

Black American bully XL dogs are naturally smart and get commands first. They also have great memory retention so you won’t have to repeat the same lessons over and over. 

We suggest using positive reinforcement when training your black pitbull puppy. Positive reinforcement involves praising the dog and rewarding obedience with a healthy doggy treat


If you want to get a black pit puppy, there is something you should know- these dog breeds are high-energy. They thrive on constant activity because they need it to blow steam. Exercising is also a great way for your XL bully puppy to grow its muscles. 

Regularly exercising your black pitbull will help keep bad behavior at bay. Also, exercising improves digestion and reduces constipation. You should also exercise your dog to make it more active and outgoing, especially for the XL bully which is known for its mellow demeanor. 

Another reason to exercise your bully dog is to release pent-up energy. And we have a list of 5 proven bully workouts that will help grow muscle, maintain their strong structure, and keep them well-mannered. 

Pitbull Black lifespan

The optimal lifespan of XL Pitbulls with black coats is 10 to 12 years. A good healthy diet with lots of exercises will have your black American bully living longer than that. 

Are black pitbull dogs registered?

The black pitt bull is recognized by two kennel clubs. You will find them registered by the United Kennel Club as American Pit Bull Terrier dogs. Also, black Pitbulls are registered as American bullies by the American Bully Kennel Club (ABKC). 

Are all black American bully dogs great for families?

black pitbulls

Black pitt bull puppies make the best family dogs. They have a mild temperament and seldom show aggression. If you can meet their high energy needs, they will make the best family dogs on earth. 

Also, American bully XL dog breeds are naturally protective of their family members. So expect them to make the best guard dogs as well. 

How much do black Pitbull Puppies cost?

When thinking of buying a black Pitbull, you have to be vigilant about who you adopt the dog from. There are lots of backyard breeders and puppy mills that would put up ads like “American bully puppies for sale under $500” and whatnot. 

Let’s make one thing clear-all American bully XL breeds, including black pit, are not cheap. We do not dispute that you can bet an American bully puppy for under $500 but be vigilant about the health of that dog. 

A good healthy black pit puppy can start from $500 upwards. Given the rarity of an all-black pit bull, expect to pay from $1000 for a healthy pup. 


If you have been thinking of getting yourself a black pitbull puppy, then go for it. They are nothing more but American pit bull terrier dogs with unique coat colors. These dogs have the temperament, health, and lifestyle needs of any normal XL bully breed. 

The pitbull black coat is common in most puppy litters. However, it can be hard to get an all-black coat or black pitbull with blue eyes. Such unique variants may fetch higher prices. 

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