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There is a lot to consider when looking for bully puppies for sale. Besides pricing, you have to consider the health, temperament, training, and socialization of the puppy. In this post, we cover everything you need to know before buying pitbull puppies for sale

First off, bully puppies are not cheap. I repeat, bully puppies are not cheap. If you come across a puppy ad that claims you can get bully puppies for sale for $250 or $500, there is a high chance you are getting scammed. 

Professional bully breeders understand that raising a litter of bully puppies is hard work. You have to think about pitbull bloodlines to determine the behavior of the resulting puppy litter. A breeder has to carefully select a stud and ensure the dam is healthy, dewormed, disease-free, and in the right state of mind to mate. Not forgetting setting up a whelping pen for the puppies and continuously monitor their growth with a healthy diet and plenty of pet supplements. 

All this requires time and patience and is why you should never count on any supposed bully breeder claiming you can get bully puppies for sale under $500. Granted, you might get lucky and score a bully puppy cheap from a rescue shelter. But you have to consider what the puppy got exposed to the dog shelter. The truth is, most dog shelters do not meet professional bully breeder’s standards, which is why you should take any rescue shelter that puts up bully puppies for sale Craigslist ad, or any other ad, with a grain of salt. 

With that said, what does it take to find the best bully puppies for sale? 

Approach professional breeders

Only an experienced pit bully breeder will get you the puppy you want. They have spent years studying the various bully bloodlines and perfected the breeding art. Each breeder has a preference for the disposition they want the resulting litter. But collectively, the bully breed has the characteristic of having pronounced body features which we will discuss below. 

If you are looking for bully puppies for sale, you want a bully breeder with puppies that have a distinctive large, broad, and often heavy head. As the puppies grow, their bodies become more chiseled and their physique more muscular and pronounced, especially around the shoulders, back, limbs, and cheeks. Also, the word ‘bully’ describes any dog with a compact medium-length body with the impression of immense strength for its size. 

While engaging bully puppies for sale breeders, you also want to find out about coat type and color. Ideally, bully dogs that descend from the famous American pitbull terrier will have a short coat with hairs that feel stiff to touch. Some bully puppies will have wavy or curly coats but seldom long-haired coats (which is considered a flaw).

Interestingly, bully breeders use the nose and coat hair to identify the puppy color. If a breeder advertises blue nose Pitbulls for sale, the nose and coat will have a distinctive bluish hue. It is the same for red nose Pitbulls for sale that have crimson noses and champagne coats. Other color variants are lilac, purple lilac, and Merle pitbull, which are very rare and, as you would guess, very expensive. 

Training and socialization

There is a social stigma associated with the bully breeds. Their beefy bodies give the notion that bully puppies grow to become aggressive and menacing dogs. It does not help that this breed has a gruesome history of participating in bloody sporting events like bull-baiting or bear-baiting.  Continuous exposure to this gory environment made the bully breed aggressive and most American States, to date, consider the bully category as vicious and dangerous. 

That is far from the truth. With enough training and plenty of socialization, bully puppies are the warmest pets to have as family dogs. A loving environment brings out their bashful, adventurous, cheerful, and people-pleasing side. The bully community considered bully dogs as ‘nanny dogs because of how protective they are of children. Any professional pitbull breeder will also tell you that bully puppies are, in fact, ‘oversized teddy bears.’ 

Health history 

Your bully puppies must come with a clean health history. Puppies that are of sound health are cheerful, full of life, and eager to be rehomed. Sickness can trigger stress which can cause the puppy to sprout undesirable behavior. Always insist on the health record of the puppy, and its parents, to ensure you are getting value for your money. 

Ideally, most bully puppies for sale should come dewormed and vaccinated for deadly pathogens like canine parvovirus. Also, check for other puppy diseases like distemper, vomiting, and diarrhea. Check for parasites like fleas and ticks or the canine kennel cough, common in shelter dogs. 

Bully puppies for sale prices

We will repeat, any breeder advertising bully puppies for sale at $250 or pitbull puppies for sale $500 may be a scammer. You can expect to spend between $2000 and $5000 for a healthy, trained, and socialized bully puppy for sale. Some bloodlines like Razor or Gotti, are famous for producing robust and pricey bully puppies. 

Sit down with your pitbull breeder and negotiate on pricing and payments. With the right payment plan, no doubts you will welcome home a jovial bully puppy as a new family member!

Available bully puppies for sale!

bully puppies for sale
bully puppies for sale

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