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What is The Price of A Frenchie? French Bulldog Price Guide (2023).

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What is the average French bulldog price?

Well, it depends on so many things, among them the gender, age, and color of the dog. If you can find a good deal, you will pay around $3,500 as a standard mini French bulldog price. And for those with extra money to splurge, you might just find yourself parting with a whopping million dollars for a rare and exotic pink French bulldog

But, what influences the French bulldog prices? In this article, we dive into what makes the Frenchie a rare find, from their personality, their mannerism, why coat color matters, and the range in French bulldog price, from puppy to adult dog. Oh, we will also sweeten the deal at the bottom of this page if you are on the market for a healthy and thriving French bulldog as a pet. 

Living with a Frenchie

French bulldogs are one of the popular small dog breeds to live with. They are low-energy dogs that require moderate activity to keep them happy. A simple evening stroll with its owner is all a Frenchie needs to live happily and healthily. They are low-energy dogs and are only playful when you are. 

Frenchies are very reserved and are not the type of dogs that would wander off with strangers. They can adapt to any lifestyle as long as they are next to their favorite human. Frenchies are loving and very protective of their owners too and will guard anything you hold dear too. Don’t let their tiny bodies fool you, they can nip anyone who tries to bully you in an instant. 

Their loving and affectionate nature, ability to adapt to different environments, and low energy levels are what make Frenchies very popular. The perfect lap dog for anyone leading a simple or busy life. 

Why are French Bulldogs So Expensive?

If you are wondering why the French bulldog price is higher than most breeds, we will tell you why. One reason is that they are low-maintenance dogs that will fit any lifestyle; whether you have a busy 9-to-5er living in a studio apartment or are a family guy living in a large home with a yard to your name. The other reason why French bulldog prices are sky-high is because of how expensive it is to breed and raise them as pups. 

Other things that would influence the price of a French bulldog are;

  • Popularity
  • Breeding
  • Breeder reputation
  • Breed purity 
  • Genetics
  • Coat color 
  • Eye color
  • Age
  • Gender 

Frenchies are popular!

French bulldogs have grown in popularity and are today ranked by the AKC as the 2nd most popular dog breeds. And as you guessed, an increase in demand leads to an increase in French bulldog prices. Another thing you should know, an increase in demand brings forth scores of unscrupulous backyard breeders who want to make a quick buck selling poorly bred Frenchies. 

But not to worry, we will give you tips on how to find a reputable breeder right at the end. So stick with us. 

French bulldogs are expensive to breed

Breeding Frenchies is no easy feat which is another reason why the French bulldog price is always high. First, given their small bodies, Frenchies cannot give birth normally because of their relatively small size. 

Also, with their small sizes, mating can get clumsy too. So breeders have to assist the dogs through artificial insemination. 

Breeder reputation

French bulldog breeders set the price for their puppies depending on their popularity and reputation. Professional breeders with a proven track record for breeding excellence will often charge a premium price. If a breeder is widely known among the dog community, especially if they sell their puppies to A-list celebrities, then expect the price to be astronomical. 

Breed purity 

A purebred Frenchie will cost more compared to a mixed breed one. Reputable breeders are the major suppliers of purebred puppies and their pups usually come from a reputable bloodline. Usually, it is a champion bloodline or a bloodline known to excel in dog shows. Another advantage of a purebred is the reduced risk of diseases down the road. 

We always advise customers to go with purebred puppies as opposed to mixed breeds. Backyard breeders are synonymous with supplying mixed breed pups, and these pups’ pedigree is usually questionable. It is not uncommon for a mixed breed pup to develop health issues in later life which can end up costing you more in medical care. 

Rare genes fetch high prices

French bulldog price

Rare French bulldog genes like the fluffy or Husky pink will cost more. Genetic makeup dictates coat color and markings, and we will cover that extensively later. 

Mini French Bulldog Price

In your quest for the best French bulldog price, you probably have come across the term mini French bulldog. Officially, there is no such thing as a Miniature French Bulldog as the Frenchie is already a small dog breed. This is just a marketing term for the standard French bulldog, and some breeders may use the term Mini or Teacup bulldog which means the same thing. 

What color French Bulldog is Most Expensive?

If you have done your research already, you probably are wondering why Merle French bulldog price is higher than say lilac, chocolate, or brindle. This is because rare Frenchie colors fetch a higher price than standard coat colors. 

So which coat colors are standard and which ones are rare? 

For standard colors, you are looking at;

  • Red 
  • Red fawn
  • Beige
  • Cream
  • White
  • Brindle
  • Black brindle
  • Red pied

Standard coat colors do fetch a good price, but the rare colors are more expensive. 

Rare French blue dog coat colors include;

  • Blue 
  • Blue fawn
  • Blue brindle
  • Lilac 
  • Lilac fawn
  • Lilac sable 
  • Platinum 
  • Isabella
  • Chocolate

Other rare colors to look for include

  • Blue pied
  • Merle 
  • Black merle
  • Blue merle
  • Lilac merle
  • Tan
  • Black tan
  • Blue tan
  • Lilac tan
  • Merle tan 
  • Fluffy 

Experienced French bulldog breeders like to mix and match sometimes and you can easily find even rare coat colors like Husky pink fluffy, husky pink fluffy isabella, or new shades. The rarer the coat, the premium price it fetches. 

Eye color is a thing too

Believe it or not, blue-eyed Frenchies are quite expensive because of their rarity. When Frenchie pups are born, they have their signature blue eye color, which we all adore. However, as they grow, their eye color darkens and becomes brown. But some Frenchies get to keep their gorgeous blue eyes and hence fetch a higher price- and the price can go up by $1000 because of the eyes! 

French bulldog age

As you would guess, French bulldog puppies are pricier compared to older ones. The younger the puppy the higher the price tag. However, if you only want a loving companion to spend your sunset evenings with, buying an older Frenchie is a great idea as the price will be more affordable. 

Male or female?

Female French bulldog puppies cost more compared to male Frenchies. The difference in pricing here is because females can guarantee a future litter. If you plan on starting a family of Frenchies, consider getting saving up for a female pup. On some occasions, a male pup can fetch a higher price. For instance, if the male is from a prized bloodline, its semen will fetch a fortune when the pup becomes a stud, so a breeder will want to get a bang for his buck on that stud.  

How much are French Bulldog Puppies?

What is the average price of a French Bulldog? A polite reminder, French bulldogs are not cheap and if you encounter a breeder supposedly selling a French bulldog for under 1000 dollars, turn the other way and run- you could be dealing with a scammer. 

As stated before, the price of a Frenchie will depend on many things, among them breeder reputation, location, pedigree, gender, eye color, and whatnot. The price of a healthy French bulldog that has been bred professionally has an impressive pedigree and has unique coat color and marking will cost anything between $3000 and $10,000.

Stay away from shady breeders as possible. If you are new to the Frenchie world, here are some tips on how to find a reputable French bulldog breeder. 

How to find a reputable French bulldog breeder

What’s the price of a French bulldog? It depends on the French bulldog breeder you are buying from, and the higher their reputation, the more the price of a female or puppy. 

Be warned, there are plenty of shady backyard breeders out there that will try and sell you a French bulldog cheap. So do not be in a rush to get a puppy, rather take your time and do extensive research until you find the right puppy from the right breeder. Below are some tips to point you in the right direction.

Start with breeder organizations

There are various breed-specific organizations out there and you can narrow down to the ones dedicated to the French bulldog breed. Popular ones include;

  • The French Bulldog Club of America
  • The French Bulldog Club of England
  • French Bulldog Saviours Rescue
  • French Bulldog Rescue Network 

Search online for breeders in your area

A simple search term like ‘French Bulldog breeders near me’ will bring you a list of potential Frenchie breeders in your area. Ensure the breeder has an established and verified website and social media pages where they interact with potential buyers. Check for online reviews as well as previous customers will always tell the truth about their experience with the breeder. 

If the breeder has no established business online, zero reviews, and seems to be using generic photos from the internet to market their French bulldog puppies, one word- RUN! Also, beware of enticing terms like ‘French bulldog puppies cheap’ or ‘French bulldog puppies under $1000’. The chances of being scammed here are high. 

Ask around

Referrals are another great way to find a professional and reputable French bulldog breeder. Ask friends, family, or colleagues to tell you where they got their puppies from or if they know anyone selling them.

Visit the breeder

Besides a strong online presence, reputable breeders also have a physical premise or kennels where customers can go to see puppies. Visiting the kennels helps you interact with the breeder, gauge their personality, and also interact with the puppies and their parents. This is a great chance to ask all the questions you have and get clarification before you buy. A breeder that values his business will be interested in knowing you and will ask questions to see if you are the person to sell a puppy to. 

Ask for health clearance and certifications

A purebred French bulldog should come with a 100% health panel. Ensure that the breeder gives you a health clearance for the puppy and a health history clearance for the stud and dam used in the breeding. 

Truth is, French bulldogs are susceptible to health problems such as;

  • Brachycephalic syndrome
  • Patella luxation
  • Hip dysplasia
  • Cherry eye
  • Von Willebrand disease
  • Intervertebral disc disease

The chances of developing any of the above conditions are higher in a poorly bred French bulldog puppy. This is why you should see a health clearance first before negotiating the French bulldog price. 

A good breeder will prioritize the health and overall well-being of all their dogs- which includes a healthy diet, plenty of exercise and socialization, and frequent visits to the vet. 

Get a contract

At the end of the day, buying or adopting a French bulldog puppy is a business transaction like any other and it should be accompanied by a written contract. The contract should outline the health guarantee of the puppy, address the breeder’s return policies, and describe how both breeder and buyer are protected in the event of a disagreement. 

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