pitbull puppies for sale in Connecticut

We love Connecticut for its majestic landscapes, sparkly lakes, and lush picket fences. As Manmade Kennels, we know one of our finest pitbull puppies for sale in Connecticut will thrive in such an environment. Unlike puppy mills and backyard pitbull breeders, we put in the work to ensure our American bully puppies for sale are born healthy with BIG BODIES, BIG MUSCLES, and a HEART for PEOPLE.

Call 302-272-3625 (MMK's Edward) for pricing on American pitbull terrier puppies. or Call the Numbers on the Banners Beblow

  • pitbull breeders in Connecticut
  • Bully Puppies for Sale in Connecticut

Best Pitbull Breeders in Connecticut

Are you looking for blue American bully breeders in Connecticut? We have been breeding and nurturing blue nose  Pitbulls for sale for the past 15 years. Our blue nose pitbull puppies are a product of our studs Shadow, Samson, and Apollo. The dam we use for the blue pitbull puppy breeding program is Beyonce. See our dogs here.

Also, we breed red nose pitbull puppies courtesy of our champion stud, King Leonidas. Our puppy Pitbulls for sale are raised on the best pitbull diet and we fortify their health with Bullyade pet supplements. We currently use Bullyade 4-in-1 soft chews as a supplement and training snack on our puppies. Bullyade supplement is good for our pitbull puppies' joints, skin, and coat, with probiotics that are ideal for a healthy gut.

American bully puppies for sale in Connecticut

Besides red nose Pitbulls and blue pitbull puppies, we have American bully xl puppies in different coat colors. We often deliver requests for Merle, Lilac, Fawn, and Brindle pitbull puppies. Also, we meet clients who want tri-color Pitbulls whose unique coat is a marvel to behold. Besides American bully puppies for sale, we also have Old English bulldog puppies for families that want a smaller manageable dog.

We have affiliate Manmade Kennel breeders based in different states in the USA. Also, some of our pitbull breeders are based in Europe to meet all your Pitbulls for sale requests. No matter where you are in the world, we sure can get a pitbull puppy for you. CALL US TODAY!

Pitbull puppy for sale near me, CT

We hand-deliver Pitbulls for sale to any city in Connecticut. Get in touch if you want pitbull puppies for sale in Connecticut Waterbury, Hartford, Greenwich, or Bridgeport. Also, we ship American bully puppies for sale in Connecticut Norwalk, Danbury, New Haven, and Middletown. We can ship puppy Pitbulls to Manchester, Westport, Bristol, Farmington, and New London. Let us know your location, and we will find a way to ship a puppy to your doorstep.

Before you call us, make sure your local authorities allow residents to keep pitbull dogs as pets. Our puppies are American bully XXL dogs. They are big, strong, have powerful jaws, but are very docile. They love people and get along well with children. Our years of pitbull breeding have allowed us to selectively breed pitbull puppies with a gentle temperament ideal for families. We also have an in-house K9 certified trainer who can train pitbull puppies as police dogs.

We ship pitbull puppies for sale in Connecticut.

We have partnered with a renowned shipment company to ferry puppies to wherever you are in Connecticut. We also ship outside Connecticut, to other states, as well as to Europe. For pitbull breeders not affiliated with us, we can arrange for a breeding session with one of our dams or studs. We are all about growing the Manmade Kennels family!