Figure out a Monthly dog budget

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Having a pet dog can be one of the most fulfilling things in the world. However, it can also be stressful particularly on the wallet. Having a dog results in many extra expenses, including food, medical care, toys and more and if you have a tight budget, it may be tough to prepare for all of the unexpected little costs. However, there are some helpful tips that you can keep in mind to make it possible to care for your pet dog even when you’re a little short on cash. Here are four helpful tips for caring for your dog and sticking to your budget.

Share Shampoo With Your Pet Dog

Dog shampoos can get really expensive. However, you don’t actually need to buy a special dog shampoo to keep him properly clean. In fact, you can use a delicious smelling baby shampoo! Pick out a gentle baby shampoo then use it to clean both your hair and your dog’s. You can cut down on toiletry expenses and enjoy the added benefit of not using harsh chemicals on your scalp or hair.

Go on Lots of Walks

Toys for dogs can add up especially if your pup chews through them fast. Instead of spending money on toys, take your dog on lots of long walks. Walks stimulate your dog’s senses and help him expend extra energy. They’re also free, so they won’t hurt your budget. Going on long walks helps you, too — it’s a great way to clear your mind and get lots of exercise.

Don’t Skip Preventative Care

If your pet dog is young and seems super healthy, it might be tempting to skip your regular vet visits. After all, your dog doesn’t seem to need any care, and you might not want the added expense of a vet visit bill. However, you should never skip your vet visits if you want to make sure your dog’s health bills don’t start adding up or that you’ll encounter a health care cost for your pet that you can’t actually afford. Go to the vet regularly to make sure you catch any illnesses or conditions before they become too serious (or an emergency). Your vet can spot and treat health conditions in their early stages, and she can also provide important preventative care that keeps illnesses at bay like Bravecto chewables for dogs, which will help your dog avoid conditions caused by fleas and ticks.

Learn How to Groom Your Dog

Keeping your pet dog groomed can ensure he stays healthy and looks good. But, going to the groomer can get expensive. Instead, invest in grooming tools for your dog, then learn how to do it yourself. Get dog clippers to keep his hair trimmed, and learn how to clean out his ears. You’ll want to learn how to clip your dog’s nails, too. If you need help learning how to groom your dog, ask a local groomer to teach you once, or consult with your vet.
When you have a pet dog, it can be stressful financially. However, with a little planning, you can ensure everyone in your family including your furry friends — is well cared for. When you work your pet costs into your budget, you can make sure you have enough funds to cover everything you need and that you don’t incur any added stress on your mind or your wallet.


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